"Our Lifesteel"


Our company, with its philosophy “Human Comes First”, uses human resources efficiently in the process of being a customer-oriented company that meets the expectations of all its stakeholders, values its employees, is open for change and improvement, is the leader in the region, is sensitive to occupational health and safety, protects the environment, gets strength from the creativity of the employees.

In this scope, our principles are as follows;

  • To increase the collaborations in order to provide occupational health and safety in our activities, protect our natural environment, to increase health - safety - environmental performance and to be transparent to our stakeholders;
  • To establish and apply systems in order to determine the skilled labor that will carry our company into future and to provide employment of the suitable staff;
  • To avoid language, religious, sex, race discrimination in recruitment process and to serve as a model in this regard;
  • Within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, without sex discrimination, by approaching the employees with fair and equal treatment, without using child labor, and by avoiding forced labor,
  • To create the necessary environment in order to continuously develop the employees and to provide them to realize their current potentials, and to give opportunities;
  • To create a job environment where the employees will work eagerly;
  • To protect the rights of all our employees regarding their personnel affairs;
  • To offer competitive reward management and applications that will increase the employee loyalty;
  • To recognize and reward the contribution, success and good performance of the employees;
  • To establish an effective communication approach in order to receive the opinions and suggestions of the employees;
  • To build “Corporate Culture and Consciousness” by meeting social and cultural requirements of the employees;
  • To create a sense of sustainability in the employees.

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